My Baby Won't Sleep!

Help! My baby won't sleep! If you are on my website you must be having problems getting your baby to sleep through the night... you can relax... you are not the only one with this problem and there is help out there!

I have been helping babies and toddlers fall asleep since 2006 and have tweaked the best sleep training techniques for each age category.

They say “good” babies sleep, but let me tell you most babies don’t! There are two types of babies, the “self-soothers” who soothe themselves back to sleep and the “signallers” who need help getting back to sleep.

My aim is to concentrate on getting your baby to sleep through the night by teaching them to self-soothe using the following steps:-

  1. Routine
  2. Setting their internal clocks
  3. Implementing positive sleep assocations

By combining these 3 steps your baby will soon learn to sleep through the night!