Sleep Training

Sleep training helps to break negative sleep associations and establishes a routine that will encourage babies and toddlers to fall asleep by themselves instead of stubbornly resisting.

By providing personal hands-on training and giving support to parents with little ones who are not sleeping well, Sleep Matters helps remove the stress associated with the reprogramming of healthy sleeping habits. The Sleep Matters technique has had phenomenal success and it usually takes 4 to 10 days until your baby is sleeping well.

The process begins with a 90 minute consultation and training session with just the parents. Once the technique is fully understood it is systematically applied over a two night period, with our sleep consultant at your side throughout. This is usually sufficient time to give parents the confidence to continue on their own although a sleep consultant is on call 24/7. If needed, the hands-on training may be extended until parents feel comfortable and baby is at peace.

Things to know before sleep training your child:-

  • You need to be 100% committed before you start sleep training. Stopping half way through will confuse your baby and make them more RESILIENT!
  • Most sleep problems are behavioural and not medical.
  • No one can make your baby sleep; they have to learn to sleep on their own!
  • Sleeping in their own room is important!
  • Your baby must weigh 8kg or more for them to sleep through and should be on solid foods.
  • I recommend training babies from 8 months old and you should get your paediatrician to give you the go ahead.
  • Your baby will wake up during the night; this is a natural part of their sleep cycle. They need to learn to put themselves back to sleep without your help.
  • Not getting enough sleep impacts on your baby’s health and development.